Site Access • Ground Protection

Features and Benefits

Temporary road system for site access and ground protection. Download the brochure for a complete overview of features and benefits.


  • Hydraulically-driven attachment or manually handled Trax
  • Trax made with durable ¾" recycled plastics in 25' sections
  • Trax perform on turf, hardscape, hills, and curves
  • Linear mass of sections holds roadway components in position


  • Access worksite while reducing damage to grounds
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve – 100' of dual Trax in less than 2 minutes
  • Reducing unnecessary work & ground damage = more productivity & profit
  • Avoid unnecessary injuries and make happier customers & clients

Download the operators manual for a comprehensive overview on how to take full advantage of SlatTrax features and benefits.

Products & Pricing



See it in action

Dual Trax System

Hydraulic Attachment with 36" or 42" Trax. Standard quick attach plate and hydraulic couplers. Adjustable Spread (AS) also available.

SlatTrax Dual Trax System
Trax Width A (in.) 36 42
Trax Length (ft.) 100 100
Trax Coverage B (in.) 80 92
25' Section Weight (lbs.) 188 218
Total Weight (lbs.) 2,170 2,400
Price $11,595 $12,265
AS (Adjustable Spread) Wt. (lbs.) 2,570 2,835
AS Trax Coverage B (in.) 80-104 92-116
Price with 100' Dual Trax $16,875 $17,685



See it in action

Trax Only

Set for shipment on standard pallet. Trax ordered in sets of two sections as shown on price list to be loaded onto SlatTrax Attachment or purchased and used manually.

SlatTrax DIY Trax Only
Section Width (in.) 24 36 42
Section Length (ft.) 25 25 25
Section Weight (lbs.) 94 188 218
Price 50' Dual Trax $2,178 $2,878 $3,098
Section Length (ft.) 12.5 12.5 12.5
Section Weight (lbs.) 47 94 109
Price 50' Dual Trax $2,278 $2,978 $3,198
SlatTrax D.I.Y.

It is recommended to download the brochure to get a full understanding on pricing. Prices are FOB Minnesota and are subject to change without notice.

SlatTrax can increase your bottom line by optimizing your ROI with primary skills applied to profitable work rather than needless tasks. Contact us to learn more or get started today.

Customer Feedback

SlatTrax was a welcome addition to our site. Since all of our work is done on a golf course, we have to make sure we don’t damage the turf. We deployed SlatTrax to protect the edge of the cart paths and the grass from heavy forklift traffic, and the mats held up great to any and all challenges.

Joel Schaberg, PGA Operations Coordinator
2016 Ryder Cup, Hazeltine NGC

SlatTrax is a great product - easy to use and versatile. Your product has saved us countless man hours and minimized back strain.

Brad Bendixen
State of Arizona, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

The crew said that it was extremely easy to figure out and add trax as needed. In the pictures, we have 350 LF laid out on site. These are so worth the investment! We appreciate you getting these to us and following up!

Judd Bryarly
Timberline Landscape, CO

We have rented SlatTrax to customers who report great results including one who "would not have gotten the job without SlatTrax". Another contractor used SlatTrax to cross the corner of a marsh –without damaging the environment. We see this product being of value to a wide variety of contractors and utilities.

Brad Bowman, VP
Star Equipment Company, IA

The SlatTrax system has benefited us on jobs with many trips and heavy loads. We have been able to leave with virtually no sign that we were even on the property. It allowed us to keep our equipment out of the mud and keep our work area and street cleanup to a minimum. Also, due to the lack of rutting after rain events we have been able to get back on our jobs much sooner.

Steve Schrupp VP Operations/Project Manager
Maple Crest Landscape