Reduce Maintenance & Mowstrip Costs.

Features and Benefits

Take a different approach to turf maintenance beneath fences. Simply mow over the edge of our FENCEGUARDs to maintain a consistent and attractive appearance. No need to return to site with trimmers or use chemicals. Download the product sheet for a complete overview of features and benefits.


  • Customer-preferred 22 inch width “mow strip”
  • 5.5 feet in length notched at ends for round posts
  • Two pieces cover typical 10-foot fence section
  • Durable, flexible polymer with UV treatment
  • Material can be cut for various post sizes and shapes
  • Made in the U.S.A. from recycled plastics


  • Increase productivity
  • Mowing equipment can maintain edge
  • Reduce gas, maintenance, noise, odor and labor of trimming
  • Avoid undesirable and unsightly chemical application
  • Install with new or existing fencing
  • Constructed from weather-tolerant, recycled polymer with UV protection

Site Applications

The applications for FENCEGUARD are limitless. Take a look at a few recent site applications of the FENCEGUARD system to see for yourself. Still not impressed? See who is using FENCEGUARD today as their grounds maintence solution.

  • Athletic fields
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Dog parks
  • Public and childcare playgrounds
  • Security fencing and utilities (water/communication towers)
  • Perimeter property fencing
  • Many more...


It is recommended to download the product sheet to get a full understanding on pricing. Pricing is determined by which zone the product ships to. See the break down for each zone below to get an accurate estimate for FENCEGUARD items.

Item Product & Size Count Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
10540 5.5' Long x 22" Wide 12 Pieces $186.00 $192.00 $198.00 $204.00
10537 Rivets (3/16” x .75”) 25 $8.00 $8.25 $8.50 $8.75
10538 Rivets (3/16” x .75”) 200 $50.00 $51.00 $52.00 $53.00
10539 Post Cuffs
Specify Post Size (2½", 2", 1¾")
24 $50.00 $51.00 $52.00 $53.00

Contact us for savings on full pallet quantities as well as dealer inquiries
FENCEGUARD sold in units of one dozen pieces – minimum purchase 8 dozen (1/2 pallet) at prices shown here.
For all other options, please request specific quotation.

Zone 1:


Zone 2:


Zone 3:

All other ex HI, AK & Zone 4

Zone 4:


Installation Guide

It is reccomended to download the installation guide. Before beginning installation, make sure you have all the required materials to get started. Typically 2 pieces cover 10 foot sections. Determine number of sections on fencing project. Multiply sections times two to determine pieces required. Divide that total by 12 (FENCEGUARD sold in quantities of 12). Round that figure up to next whole number. Plastic ribbed Rivets may be used to secure FENCEGUARD; typically one rivet used per piece will be sufficient. Post Cuffs can be used to cover gaps at post locations for posts less than 3" diameter. Note: FENCEGUARD is designed to be under fencing.

Note "channels" which are used for alignment.

The "offset" side of channel should be on the same side of post as the chain link fabric.

Best install is on new fence. Lay out FENCEGUARD pieces which overlap at post locations and within the sections between posts in same continuous direction. Cuffs can be used (under FENCEGUARD) for posts less than 3" diameter.

Spring clamps should be used at overlap of pieces between posts for secure alignment while fastening the FENCEGUARD at post locations with ribbed or pop rivets.

Pieces are secured at post locations ONLY. Drill 3/16" hole for plastic rivets (or use pop rivets). Insert rivets on both sides of post locations.

Use hole saw to notch post holes back for corners. Overlap pieces so that outer edges of FENCEGUARD will be in alignment when secured to the posts.

Complete corners by securing FENCEGUARD pieces at post locations. Notice the continued use of clamps to establish straight alignment of pieces to the next post location.

Although pieces are normally long enough (5.5’) to overlap and cover typical 10’ sections, some post locations result in longer space. Cut FENCEGUARD pieces to splice and fill those gaps. Use bypass shears or jigsaw.

Complete fencing work allowing slight rake of FENCEGUARD on each side downward towards grass. Chain link fabric should be installed in alignment with channels and modest pressure into the channels.

While mowing equipment should keep growth in check, it is best to occasionally use flat blade tool to slide underneath FENCEGUARD and skim along each side to create a new clean line. FENCEGUARD will generally imbed into growing grass.

Terminal posts can be capped with FENCEGUARD by cutting another piece to reasonable length and securing to post with rivets.